Unite in Good, unite in a box – Shoebox. English version.


What is the ShoeBox?


Shoebox is a campaign through which you can put a smile on a child’s face.  It is not your child, you don’t know him or her, but they exist.


You are not guilty for their suffering, but neither are they. These children have had bad luck not to have everything they wish for… but who has?  A shoe box full of toys is something that they have never imagined exists, and so we can fulfil this kind of dream.  Why?  Because only when you give, can you find out what it means to receive.  And when you see the joy of a child, sometimes for some trivial thing, you can only understand how rich your life is.  For those of you who have children around you, you already know that they can find joy even if you only offer them the leaf from a tree.  Shoe Box is the chance to give ourselves joy by making others happy.


OK, concretely speaking.  What is a shoebox? 


ShoeBox is a box in which we can send a gift to a child in Romania.  In this box you can put toys, school supplies, non-perishable sweets, or clothes.  These gifts should be adapted according to who you want to receive them: a boy or a girl; and also depending on the child’s age (2-18 years).


Some suggestions:

  • Sweets (chocolate, biscuits, waffles), but no perishable food (bananas, oranges, yoghurt, etc);
  • School supplies (notebooks, colouring pencils, pencil case, etc);
  • Personal hygiene products (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, shower gel, tampons (every year we notice that girls are in big need of these))
  • A Christmas card on which you can write a few lines to the child who will receive the box (you are free to put your contact details so you can keep in touch);
  • Clothes (scarf, hat, gloves, warm tights, thick socks, etc);
  • Any other gift that you think that YOUR children would be happy to receive.



I have some boxes…  Where do I bring them?


Depending on where you live in Belgium, there are various collection points.


Permanent Collection Points:

  • Brussels
    • Birou Ruxandra Rața, Rue du Congrès 13, 4th floor, 1000 Brussels
      • Monday-Friday from 9:00-19:30, Saturday 14:00-18:00.
    • Foodex,  rue du Bourbon 100, Uccle
      • Tel  02 242 8458
    • La Bunicuța, avenue de la Reine 194, 1000 Bruxelles
      • Closed Mondays
    • Larissa Tirle, avenue de la Brababonconne 86, 1030 Brussels
      • Tel: 0471 084535;
    • Antwerp
      • Chihaia Dumitru,  Turnhoutsebaan, 131, bus 3
        • Tel  0489 820801; (prefer contact via Facebook);
      • Ciprian Petcu, Cafe Ad-hoc, Lamorinierestraat 111, 2018 Antwerp;


  • Other towns
    • Marilena Mesea (Collection Point 5), Torenstraat 5 bus 2 , 3500 Hasselt
      • 0486 981922 or 0488 599395;
    • Cafe de Nieuwe Buiten, Langenberg, 2323 Wortel, Hoogstraten.


Dana Radu, who you can contact on the number 0476 03 92 93, will be available at the temporary locations.



This list of permanent locations will be continuously updated as collection points are organised.  At the same time, temporary collection points will be organised.  This list is not yet complete given that we are still discussing the most suitable times, the locations, and the volunteers.  We will come back with details soon – knowing that this project is by and about people, we have to maintain a close links between us in order to have an exemplary organisation.



Collection Date Time Location Collector
Sunday 1-Nov 10.30 – 14.30 Madou Orthodox Church Ruxandra
Friday 20-Nov Collection – Information message

on Rombel and Unite in Good



Saturday 21-Nov 11.00 – 12.00

11.00 – 12.00

Roodebeek Metro

Kraainem Metro



Saturday 21-Nov 18.00 – 23.00 Launch of Unite in Good J we meet? Larissa
Sunday 22-Nov 11.00 – 12.00 Cora Anderlecht Dana
Friday 27-Nov Collection – Information message

on Rombel and Unite in Good



Saturday 28-Nov 11.00 – 12.00 Antwerp Train Station

Cora Woluwe



Ixelles – Etterbeek



Sunday 29-Nov 11.00 – 12.00

11.00 – 12.00

Cora Anderlecht

Leuven – Inbev parking



Friday 4-Dec Collection – Information message

on Rombel and Unite in Good



Saturday 5-Dec

Sunday 6-Dec

Final collection in Brussels and sending to Romania Dana
Saturday 12-Dec Final collection in Brussels and sending to Romania Dana
Sunday 13-Dec Message on expedition to Romania Rombel, UiG Dana/Cornel/Larissa
Sunday 20-Dec Post pictures from Romania – Rombel, UiG Dana/Cornel/Larissa



When to bring my shoebox?

Yesterday was best. But today is also good.  If you cannot do it today, you have until 5th December to participate in this miracle. Of course it is preferable to liaise with the representative of the collection point in your area for more definite information on the deadline.  It is possible that each location has a different deadline due to logistical issues and the schedules of the transporters.



Yes, transporters. Those hardworking and enthusiastic elves who will make sure that the packages arrive at their destination.  If you are a transporter and you have read until here, and or maybe you have asked yourself how to help us. We really appreciate your help, and we cannot thank you enough if you are willing to help the campaign and send these boxes back to Romania.


How can I get involved, other than donating?

We are in the era “Like and Share”.  So, the first thing you can do is to like and share our pages.  Are you going to visit friends and family?  Then take 5 minutes to tell them about our project.  Do you think you can do more? You can organise your own collection point… tell us about it and we can provide the material (banners, posters, etc).  However, you must remember that all boxes collected by you will have to be brought to one of the main collection centres one day before the deadline.


Who organises this campaign.

Nobody. Everybody. Me, and if you want, you!  Yes, this is a joint campaign in which many people and organisations have come together to make it succeed.  Until this year everybody was doing their own campaign of this kind around Christmas time.  This year, we decided to unite the forces of Rombel, Unite in Good, Știri din Belgia (Nieuws uit België), and the people you see on the list of permanent locations, and this list can continue with you.  Not only because it is about us, but because we have learned from other campaigns that if we are united we are stronger, and have a better chance of succeeding this Christmas time to make as many children smile, to hope, and to believe in other people. We are United in good, and I believe that the Christmas period is the best time in which we can learn to work together under the same roof and with the same purpose.